2 Signs Your Partner Not Interested in Marriage

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  • Illustration of marriage / love (ilustrasi kawin, menikah, cinta). Credit: pixabay.com

    Illustration of marriage / love (ilustrasi kawin, menikah, cinta). Credit: pixabay.com

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The word ‘I love you’ does not guarantee that your partner is willing to settle down with you. If marriage is your priority, stop wasting your time in an unclear energy-draining relationship drama.

    You better soon find out whether he or she is really into you to build a future together. Tempo outlined two signs whether your partner is not interested in getting hitched with you.

    1. Introduce you without a title

    When you are hanging out with your partner and meet his/her friends, how does he introduce you to them?

    A marriage and family therapist Dr. Saudia L. Twine said when he/she give you a title within a certain category from friend to partner, or bride/groom to be, it shows you are special and requires separation from others.

    If he/she introduces you with your name only, without any title followed, then it is a sign that your partner may not think of a wedding with you. Thus, make sure your partner knows your will to have a more serious relationship and marriage.

    2. Avoid family events or gatherings

    Is he/she enthusiastic when you invite him/her to family meetings or events? If the answer is yes, does he/she present for a long a time and spend his/her time with your relatives?

    Bonnie Winston, a celebrity matchmaker and relationship expert in New York, said people who are determined to have long-term relationship wants to know and familiarize him/herself to your family as well as assure you that you are the right one for him/her.

    However, when your partner dislikes the idea of meeting your family, it means he/she is not willing to have a serious commitment with you. Thus, discuss the issue with your partner and expose him/her to your thoughts on having marriage. If your partner is not on the same level as you are, you probably better look for another one.