25 Years Anniversary of Uzbekistan-Indonesia Bilateral Relations

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  • Ambassador Shavkat Jamolov and Rector of Gunadarma University, Prof. Dr. E.S. Margianti, SE., MM

    Ambassador Shavkat Jamolov and Rector of Gunadarma University, Prof. Dr. E.S. Margianti, SE., MM

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta, 

    Written byNia S. Amira, a distinguished author, journalist and linguist from Indonesia. She writes on cultural, international affairs, multi-culturism and religious studies. Her articles have appeared in over thirty newspapers that are published in Europe, Asia and the United States. 

    The closeness of diplomatic relations between Uzbekistan and Indonesia is like "younger and older brother", who respect each other sovereignty. Indonesia has always been a good supporter for Uzbekistan in the international forums, the same portion with Uzbekistan.
    Since the era of the Soviet Union, Indonesia has known Uzbekistan as a country that has a long history of civilization and a nation that has a highly venerated narrator of Hadith in the Muslim world, namely Imam Al-Bukhari and through this, it can be said that Diplomatic Relations between Uzbekistan (at that time was still part of the Soviet Union Republics) and Indonesia had been begun.

    Indonesian President, Soekarno agreed to visit Moscow at the invitation of the Soviet President, Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev in 1961 on one condition that Khrushchev should be able to find the tomb of the Muslim High Priest. Khrushchev finally found the tomb of Imam Al-Bukhari with his-full-hearted in Hartang village, in the old town of Samarkand and renovated it very well. The Mausoleum of Imam Al-Bukhari is now as one of the most important destinations for Muslim pilgrimage during a visit to Uzbekistan. The Indonesian people also gained a very important place in the heart of the Uzbeks, that they can visit the tomb of Imam Al-Bukhari up to his cupola.

    As you may know the Republic of Indonesia has recognized the independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan on December 28, 1991. Diplomatic Relations was established on June 23, 1992 and at the same month and year, the First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov visited Indonesia. In May 1994 Indonesia opened its Embassy in Tashkent. In April 1995 President of the Republic of Indonesia, Mohammed Soeharto returned the visit of Islam Karimov to Uzbekistan. Following this good bilateral relations, Uzbekistan started to operate its Embassy in December 1996 in Jakarta.

    Committee for bilateral consultations between the two Ministries of Foreign Affairs, which was established in December 2005, serves as one of the intergovernmental schemes to discuss and elaborate recent and future directions of beneficial cooperation between Uzbekistan and Indonesia and working out ways to support bilateral initiatives in the international arena.

    Following the death of Islam Karimov in 2016, the Second President of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev started a new course, which was described as “A Quiet Revolution and Revolution from Above.” He abolishes cotton slavery, exit visas, introduces a tax reform, creates four new free economic zones, as well as amnesties many political prisoners during his first year of presidency. The relations with neighboring countries like Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan significantly improved.

    A sovereign country in the heart of Asia, located in historical and geographical region of Mawarannahr or beyond the river as it is translated from Arabic, already existed even before Islam came in the region, in early of 8th century. A long period of many events brought Uzbekistan rich in history and colorful culture and tradition.

    Shavkat Jamolov (51), Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Indonesia understands very well the emotion of the Indonesian people. It should be noted that during the past years bilateral relations in politics, trade and economic spheres have been accelerated and show dynamic perspectives in the years ahead between the two countries.

    Together with University of Gunadarma, the Embassy of Uzbekistan to Indonesia has successfully conducted the Anniversary of the 25 years Bilateral Relations with Indonesia and the Anniversary of the 25 years of the Adoption of the Constitution of Uzbekistan in Jakarta (12/12/2017). On his speech, Ambassador Shavkat who was also literally appointed as the Dean of Foreign Ambassadors to Indonesia said that Uzbekistan will always strengthen the bilateral relations with Indonesia, especially in the terms of trade and education.

    Prof. Dr. E.S. Margianti, SE., MM., Rector of Gunadarma University delivered her warm greetings to the people of Uzbekistan to the special events of the 25th Anniversary of the Bilateral Relations with Indonesia and the 25th Anniversary of the Constitution of Uzbekistan. She feels grateful that the Embassy of Uzbekistan has chosen Gunadarma University for the inter-university partnership and hopes to bring more fruitful relations between the two countries. To mark this special occasion, both Ambassador and Rector inaugurated the Book Launching of Kalandar Abdurakhmonov in form of the Seminar through the Scenario of a Solemn Event.

    Drs. Roni Hidayat Gastina and Mohamad Asruchin, M.A., both were former Indonesian Ambassadors to Uzbekistan delivered their experiences during their posts and said they had very good years visiting most ancient cities of Uzbekistan and had very good contact with the people. Mohamad Asruchin is active writing the history of Amir Timur’s land in online media and at the event, he gave a general lecture on the Cradle of World’s Civilization.

    Dr. Illa Saila, Coordinator of Coordination of Private Higher Education Region III in Jakarta, would be more grateful when an Education Institution can conduct more seminars and workshops as a requirement to obtain a good university status. Cooperation with overseas in terms of student exchange as well as community services may also be included in improving the quality of the university and Gunadarma has entered the phase with the cooperation with one of the University in Uzbekistan.

    Everyone was feeling happy and at the end of the program, those who participated in the seminar were attracted by the colorful Ikat fabrics displayed by Alim Rustamov who brought his worth stuff from his land to anyone who wants to have for the collection. Uzbekistan, a painting of all the beauty that exists in Central Asia will take you to an unforgettable journey of the Silk Road period and Tashkent is a window where we can trace largest, industrial, scientific and cultural center in the region.


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