Jakarta Govt Extends Transjakarta's Corridor II Bus Route  

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Jakarta Administration is extending the route of Transjakarta corridor II (Harmoni-Pulogadung) until Bekasi on Monday. This is the first time for the Transjakarta bus taking routes outside Jakarta until Jalan Bekasi Raya, Ujung Menteng.

    Antara News reported that the Jakarta Transportation Department revealed this new operational bus is different from the Border Transportation Integrated with Transjakarta (APTB).

    The Jakarta Transportation Department Head, Muhammad Akbar, said that the operational is different with the APTB buses. But for the ticket price, is the same with other corridors, which is about Rp3,500 for one trip. "The different is that this new operational bus takes the long route, with price starting from Rp3,500," he stated at the Jakarta City Hall on Monday.

    Akbar further explained that the Jakarta extension's ticket payment is conducted in the bus stop, while the APTB ticket can be bought onboard the bus. "The ticket transaction for APTB can be processed onboard the bus with varying prices," he expressed.

    As known, the corridor II route is extended until Jalan Bekasi Raya. To optimize service, as many as five single buses and eight new bus stops were prepared in such route.

    Those eight bus stops are Raya Bekasi KIP, Raya Bekasi Tipar Cakung, Cakung United Tractors, Raya Bekasi Pasar Cakung, Raya Bekasi Cakung Cilincing, Raya Bekasi Pulo Gebang, Raya Bekasi Ujung Menteng, and Harapan Indah.

    Such extension is an effort to optimize service and facilitate people from outside Jakarta. those five single buses, which will cover a distance of 7.61 kilometers long, are equipped with closed-circuit televisions (CCTV) and global position system (GPS). The facilities are expected would able to provide comfort for Transjakarta bus passengers.

    Besides Bekasi, Akbar added, the Jakarta extension will serve two other suburbs, namely Depok (corridor 14: Manggarai-UI), and Tangerang (corridor 15: Blok M-Ciledug).

    "We plan to operate those new corridors from Ciledug-UI Campus, Depok," he stated as quoted by Antara News.

    The bus operational is the same like other corridors, from at 05:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Then for ticket price reaches Rp2,000 (5 to 7 AM) and 3,500 (7 AM to 10 PM).