PSM Unpad Wins World Oldest Choir Contest

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta Padjajaran University Student Choir (PSM Unpad) succeeded in securing the first position in the International Contest of Habanera and Polyphony of Torrevieja at Provence Torrevieja, Spain on July 28 to 22. PSM Unpad received two trophies which were given directly by Governor Luisa Pastor Lilo.

    Arvin Zaenullah, the conductor, was awarded The Best Director "José Hódar Tallavera". In the social concert, PSM Unpad brought up songs in Spain languages and several Indonesian folk songs. One of the song composers, Jorge Lopez, praised the team's expression when singing his song, El Ausente.

    The team also gained 'muy bien' responses (an expression of amazement) from some of the audiences when singing Los Camagueyanos. In addition to the glorious winning, PSM Unpad also had given the honor to perform at the gala concert which was broadcasted by Spain international TV channel.

    "I wouldn't achieve this without PSM Unpad and other's supports. We present this winning to Indonesia, alma mater, and our parents which had been helping a lot for this to happen," said Arvin at the press release received on Thursday, August 22.

    The competition is the second world oldest festival and participated by chosen choir groups from various continents. Each chosen choir performs in two categories, Habaneras and Polyphonia by singing five songs.