Dead Sea Turtles, Jakarta Examines Water in Thousand Island

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Jakarta Environmental Agency in Thousand Island would examine sample water allegedly contaminated by oil waste that caused the death of three endangered sea turtles. The dead turtles were found floating near Pari Island on Tuesday, November 27.

    “The water sample will be brought to the Ministry [of Environment and Forestry] to be then analyzed by an authorized party,” said the agency head Yusen Hardiman in Jakarta, Wednesday, November 28.

    Based on community reports on dead turtles in the waters of Pari Island, his agency would examine the water sample and coordinate it with the Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) of Jakarta.

    Jakarta Environmental Agency along with BKSDA Jakarta would patroll the waters and continue the searching of dead turtles that predicted floating in the sea as well as prevent any act that polluting the sea.

    “The local people report findings on dead turtles near Pari Island. However, we have not yet issued the cause before conducting a research,” said Yusen.

    Earlier, the issue of sea pollution due to the oil spill and waste in Pari Island went viral on social media. Jakarta Environmental Agency in Thousand Island was now focusing on cleansing the island following the discovery of dead hawksbill sea turtle.