Bregada Keraton Yogyakarta Festival Enlivened by Drones

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  • TEMPO/Suryo Wibowo.

    TEMPO/Suryo Wibowo.

    TEMPO.CO, Yogyakarta - Bregada Yogyakarta Palace Troops Festival will be held on Jalan Malioboro, Sunday, September 23, starting at 7:00 am, and more than 30 troops will parade. It will feature a mix of art, the motion of the palace troops, and unique costume creations.

    The festival is organized by a large family Padmanaba 3 Senior High School alumni in Yogyakarta, to attract domestic and foreign tourists.

    Bregada Keraton is the icon of the Yogyakarta Palace because its colorful clothes, various styles, and have a deep philosophical meaning behind every design and detail. And also the combination of marching in the attractive fashion.

    One of the troops that will march is dozens of drones decorated like palace soldiers. “This is a combination of technology and culture. Drones can also become troops,” said a member of the National Bregada Padmanaba Festival creation team committee, Ari Wulu, Tuesday, September 18.

    The participants of this festival are from high school/vocational school in Yogyakarta Special Region. The palace troops from South Sumatra will also participate in the festival.

    According to Dr. Hendri Saparini, Chairperson of the Padmanaba 3 Senior High School Alumni Association, the festival aims to encourage high school students to love and participate in preserving the nation’s culture. The trick is to hone innovation and creativity in the field of motion and fashion.

    “The theme is Nyawiji Nguri-uri Makmuring Negeri, or encourage unity to preserve the culture and create prosperity throughout our beloved country Indonesia,” said President Commissioner of PT. Telkom Indonesia Tbk.

    The Chairman of the 2018 National Bregada Padmanaba Festival Ema Widiastuti said there would be an exhibition attraction in the 2018 Padmanaba FBN and it was the first time in the world.