Sidoarjo Bombing, Bombers Become Victims of Explosion

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    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Five suspected terrorists became victims of a bomb explosion in Sidoarjo, in a low-cost apartment in Wonocolo, on Sunday, May 13.

    “Two people have been in Siti Khodijah hospital, three including the wife and children who are still at the crime scene,” said Head of Public Relations of East Java Police, Commissioner Frans Barung Mangera on Sunday, May 13.

    Frans said the bombers were a family. But, he has not explained whether the bomb was deliberately detonated or not.

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    Previously, several explosions were heard in the apartment in Wonocolo, Sidoarjo on Sunday night. According to information gathered, the bomb explosion occurred at around 20:30 pm in Block B on the 5th floor.

    As a result of the explosion, the police officers along with members of the TNI Kodim 0816 Sidoarjo tightened the guard in the neighborhood.

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    In the incident, three people were rushed to a nearby hospital using a pickup truck to get treatment. Gegana officers from East Java Police have come to the location to secure.

    Wonocolo apartment, Taman, Sidoarjo is close to the border of Surabaya city which about 9 kilometers west from the explosion at three Church locations in Surabaya on Sunday, May 13.