Ananda Sukarlan Asks LBH`s Help after being Reported by Fadli Zon

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  • Pianist Ananda Sukarlan. TEMPO/Dwianto Wibowo

    Pianist Ananda Sukarlan. TEMPO/Dwianto Wibowo

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Pianist Ananda Sukarlan requested assistance from the Legal Aid Institute for Ansor Youth Movement (LBH GP) after he was reported by the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Fadli Zon to the police. Ananda was being reported for re-sending a tweet containing false or hoax information.

    Through a written statement, activist LBH GP Ansor Dendy Zuhairil Finsa said on Friday, March 2, Ananda came to LBH Ansorto ask for legal assistance. "In the social media post uploaded by Ananda Sukarlan, there was no element of law violation that can entangle the related person," Dendy said Friday, March 3.

    Fadli Zon reported Ananda and other Twitter accounts to Police Headquarters last Friday. Ananda was reported on suspicion of defamation and spreading a hoax. In the report, Fadli inserted screenshots of the social media posts and the links as evidence.

    According to Dendy, Ananda just retweeted from the account he followed @stla soso1. So, Dendy said, his client did not directly post the alleged picture of Fadli Zon and Gerindra Party Chairman Prabowo Subianto with the hoax spreader group The Family Muslim Cyber Army (MCA).

    Ananda's retweet reads “Well, it seems like it needs to be retweeted for 58 multiplied 100 times, so the 58 percent [of viewers] can see.”

    According to the LBH activist, what Ananda did is a confirmation of the Tweet he retweeted. The ones who know the truth of the picture is only the supporters.

    Dendy viewed that there was no hate speech element in the content of the message retweeted by Ananda Sukarlan.