Investors Trust Darmin: Analyst

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  • Darmin Nasution. TEMPO/Dhemas Reviyanto Atmodjo

    Darmin Nasution. TEMPO/Dhemas Reviyanto Atmodjo

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Probo Sujono, an analyst for Millenium Danatama Sekuritas, said that President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo's move to reshuffle the economic team in the Working Cabinet would improve the country's economic condition.

    "The [cabinet] reshuffle has met people's expectation," Probo said.

    Probo added that the newly-appointed Coordinating Economic Minister Darmin Nasution has gained trust market makers that he would be able to improve the economic condition. However, Probo said that investors would wait and see new economic team’s performance in a short run.

    "Despite the optimism, [people] need to see performance," Probo explained.

    Economist with PT Bank International Indonesia Myrdal Gunarto also viewed that the newly appointed ministers have met investors' expectations and built confidence in Indonesia's economic improvement.

    "Rizal Ramli and Darmin Nasution have experiences working for the government, while Thomas Lembong is successful in the private sector," Myrdal added.

    Myrdal highlighted Darmin's previous experiences as director general of taxation and Bank Indonesia Governor. According to Myrdal, Darmin will be able to synergize polices made between two different institutions.

    Myrdal hoped that Darmin would be able to synergize institutions under his control.