Coffee Export Targeted to Rise by 10%

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  • Ilustrasi biji kopi. REUTERS/YT Haryono

    Ilustrasi biji kopi. REUTERS/YT Haryono

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Directorate General of the National Export Development (PEN) of the Trade Minister targeted an increase by 9.5 to 10.5 percent in the export of processed food and beverages, including in coffee commodities.

    PEN Director General Nus Nuzulia Ishak said as the third biggest coffee exporter after Brazil and Vietnam, Indonesia hoped that this year’s export is bigger than last year’s.

    "Last year, our coffee export reached US$1.17 billion," Nus said to Tempo on Saturday, November 22, 2014.

    She also said that the target is also to support the pledged made by Trade Minister Nus Rachmat Gobel to increase national export by 300 percent in five years.

    Furthermore, to facilitate coffee exporters to increase their exports, the government took part in the Tea & Coffee China Exhibition on November 12 to 14, 2014 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), Shanghai, China.

    Types of coffee became Indonesia’s major commodities are Luwak, Toraja, Gayo, Jawa, Bali, and Mandailing.

    As a potential market, Cina ranks number 18 as one of the countries of Indonesia’s coffee export destinations.

    "Value of coffee export China in the past five years has grown by 82.6 percent because of the changing lifestyle in China that has replaced tea consumption,” Nus added.