Severe Blizzard Kills Seven in New York

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - At least seven people have died after a severe blizzard hit Buffalo, west of New York, in the United States (US) on Wednesday, November 19, 2014. The blizzard deposited around one meter of snow across the area, effectively rendering 225 kilometres of road in the area inaccessible.

    "This blizzard is the worst we've seen. Gale force winds have subsided since Wednesday morning in Buffalo, but more snowfall is predicted for the next couple of days," said a spokesperson for Buffalo's city council, Richard Tobe, as reported by Reuters on Wednesday.

    Snow ploughs have been deployed to help re-open road access around Buffalo, where more than 100 residents have been trapped at home, while plenty of motorists became stuck in snow. Two local residents were reported to have died from being buried in snow, while other fatalities were caused by motor accidents, as well as stress-induced heart failure.

    "The amount of snow that fell on the city during the blizzard is equal to a year's worth of snowfall," said Tobe.