Association Dubs Pelindo's Cost Recovery Charge 'Strange'  

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Indonesian Logistics Association (ALI) questioned the plan of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (IPC) 2, the state-owned port management company, to charge an additional cost recovery of Rp75,000 per container at the Port of Tanjung Priok. The additional fee, which Pelindo will begin charging on November 1, is something that was nonexistent before.

    "The cost is very strange because it is associated with fuel price hikes and labor wages, whereas port fees already refers to the US dollar," ALI chairman Zaldy Mashita told Tempo yesterday.

    Zaldy estimates the cost recovery will lead to an increase in port costs—borne by logistics companies—of up to Rp400 billion to Rp500 billion per year.  

    Wahyu Hidayat, head of Tanjung Priok Main Port Authority, said the cost recovery of Rp75,000 per container set by Pelindo II is in accordance with the rules. The additional cost is not included in port services rates.

    "The additional cost is due to a rise in fuel prices, electricity tariffs, and labor wages. It has also been discussed with the service user associations in Tanjung Priok, meaning that noone is at lost," he said.

    Wahyu said the application of cost recovery was done because Pelindo II has not raised terminal handling and container handling charges since 2008. Therefore, cost recovery is applied solely to cover for Pelindo's losses from not raising said charges. Pelindo II had previously applied the same policy before, charging cost recoveries per container in 2005.

    Wahty asserted that once Pelindo's request to raise terminal handling charges is approved, the cost recovery fee will be scrapped.