Lack of Awareness Hampers Jakarta Trash Recycling Program



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Jakarta Recycle Center (JRC) waste management program is currently facing some issues which according to the Jakarta Environmental Agency chair, Andono Warih, stems from the lack of activeness in the neighborhood running the waste management programs. 

    However, there are other aspects that have hampered the program other than awareness issues. "The people's participation in trash sorting is fluctuating,” said Andono on Friday, October 16.

    He said that the Jakarta environmental agency will work together with a number of stakeholders to spark the public’s participation in supporting this recycling program. 

    “The Jakarta administration sees a possible collaboration between government and private business sectors that could help support the trash management program from the social to the technical aspect,” said Andono. 

    The JRC program currently involves 1,335 households in the Bukit Mas complex and other locations in South Jakarta. Capital city administration called for households to better sift through their trash to keep the program running. 

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