Amien Rais Announces New Party, Partai Ummat



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaSenior politician Amien Rais declared his newly-established party dubbed Partai Ummat or Ummah Party. He claimed the party which is based on the Islamic Holy Book has two main objectives.

    The first goal is upholding virtue and fighting evil, and the second is enforcing justice and fighting injustice, Amien explained.

    “The first objective is carried out on a more personal, familiar, and communal or on the micro-level. The second one moves on the macro-level of the national affairs that are related to power,” said Amien through a broadcast on his Youtube channel.

    He argued that with the means, full authority, and great power, the government could commit injustice in matters of politics up to humanity. “But it is also the state that can uphold justice for all people,” Amien remarked.

    He continued to say that those will depend on the ruling government, whether they are willing to defend the public interest or the interest of conglomerates.

    “In the end, a group of people must strive to uphold justice while fighting injustice systematically through political struggles,” he said.

    The Ummah Party, Amies Rais said, was determined to work together with all elements against injustice and uphold justice, as well as trying to uphold Pancasila, the 1945 Constitution, and all universal democratic rules.

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