Peradi Investigates Judge Assault Incident



Mahinda Arkyasa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Deputy Secretary of the National Executive Board of the Indonesian Advocates Association (Peradi) Rivai Kusumanegara stated that his organization will conduct an investigation on Desrizal, Tomy Winata's legal advocate who hit a Central Jakarta District Court judge. "The Advocate Supervision Commission of Peradi has collected data and in the near future will investigate the respective person," Rivai said to Tempo on Saturday, July 20, 2019.

    Rivai said that the assault against a judge is a contempt of court. The action can be subjected to criminal sanction and ethical sanction because it was committed by an advocate.

    Because the incident occurred during the reading of the verdict, Rivai asserted the need to examine the correlation between of the incident and the reading by collecting statement from the perpetrator. "Considering that the perpetrator had been practicing for 20 year and during his time had also experienced losses in handling a case," Rivai said.

    In addition to the Advocate Supervision Commission, Rivai asserted that the investigation also need to involve the Judicial Commission and the Supreme Court Supervisory Agency as two institutions that care for judge's protection. There is also hope to conduct a joint study on the drafting of a Contempt of Court Regulation currently being drafted by the Supreme Court.

    The incident occurred during a trial held on Thursday, July 18, 2019. The trial was conducted after Tomy Winata filed a default complaint against PT Geria WIjaya Prestige, Harijanto Karjadi, Hermanto Karjadi, Hartono Karjadi, PT Sakautama Dewata, and Fireworks Ventures Limited. The case is registered at the Central Jakarta District Court under Registration No. 223/Pdt.G/2018/PN Jkt.Pst.

    Around 4:00 PM, the attack occurred at the Subekti court room. During the time, presiding judge HS is reading the consideration part of the verdict. Desrizal later stand up and come to the judge's desk. He undo his belt and use it to attack judge HS.

    The attack hits HS's forehead and another judge DB. Both judges were immediately escorted by security guards and were brought to the hospital to be examined. Meanwhile, Desrizal was detained by security officers and was brought to the Central Jakarta Resort Police.