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The Three Wise Monkeys One of the signature dishes of The 3 Wise Monkeys restaurant is
the Kaiseki Set, a Japanese traditional dinner set.
Friday, 26 December 2014 | 05:26
Tainted Press Freedom Protest lodged by the head of the Tabligh Council and the

Jakarta Dakwah Korps Muballigh, Edy Mulyadi, against the

Jakarta Post cartoon is misplaced.
Indonesia has the Largest Number of Path Users
Tuesday, 25 February, 2014 | 01:06 WIB
Indonesia has the Largest Number of Path Users

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Despite being released since November 2010, the social media Path has gained millions of users in Indonesia. Even CEO of Path, Dave Morin said that Indonesia has the largest number of Path users in the world.

"Number of Path users in Indonesia is more than four million people," said Morin in an interview with the Tempo team last Friday.

In 2013, the mobile messaging feature in Path lets users chat with other people who are not in their 150 friends list. Morin said mobile messaging is a new feature in Path. It is what made Path so popular in Indonesia. "It is currently the highest rated app in Google Play and Apple App Store," he said.

To boost the number of users, Morin plans to add new features to Path this year. However he does not say what they are. He also realized that recently the music feature has increased its catalog for a number of Indonesian songs. "The music choices are based on Apple's catalog. It might be possible that Apple has updated it."