4 WhatsApp Feature to Improve Its Usage

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  • Whatsapp App logo. REUTERS/Nacho Doce

    Whatsapp App logo. REUTERS/Nacho Doce

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - There are several features you can apply to improve the usage of the messaging app WhatsApp, such as saving the internet data.

    As reported by knowtechhie.com on Monday, December 3, there are four ways you could apply to improve Whatsapp usage.

    1. Hide notification from the certain group

    Group chatting may feel disturbing even though the platform helps you to connect with relatives or friends. To free your worry, you can hide the notification post.

    Tap and hold a group on your Whatsapp home screen and tap the bell symbol at the top. Select the time you want to silent the notification, whether for 8 hours, a week, or a year, and check whether you want the messages to appear in the system notification.

    2. Limit access to your personal data

    If you want to limit access to your personal data such as profile picture, status, read receipt, and others, you can enter Whatsapp setting and tap Account and choose the Private option.

    3. Disable auto download

    You can choose to disable the auto-download feature in Whatsapp to save internet data. In the setting page, tap Data and Storage Usage and turn off the auto-download. You can choose what you can download when you are on a mobile network, WiFi, and roaming.

    4. Send recordings in an easy way

    Whatsapp has a feature to help you send audios. In a chatting room, tap the Clip symbol then Audio. Choose what audio you would like to share.