Saturday, 19 January 2019

Researchers Find Two Megalithic Statues in Papua

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jayapura - A research team from the Papua Archaeology Center succeeded in finding two megalithic statues with Polynesian styles at the Mount Srobu or Srobu Hill site, in Jayapura, Papua.

    “This finding is extraordinary and unique because it differs from other statues that we have found in other areas of Papua,” the researcher from the Papua Archaeology Center Erlin Novita Idje Djami in Jayapura City, Wednesday, October 31.

    According to Erlin, the two statues are Polynesian style, but she prefers to call them the megalithic statues of Papua Srobu. The two statues are one meter tall and weigh around 50-60 Kilograms.

    Erlin revealed that the Srobu Mountain Site is one of the important sites in Jayapura. This site is located in the Youtefa Bay.

    The beginning of the discovery was in February 2014, when the Archaeology Center was informed of bones discovered in the Mount Srobu. The community believed that it was the bones of Japanese soldiers.

    From then, the Papua Archeology Center along with officials from the Tourism Culture Office of Papua Province checked the truth of the information. They found various cultural objects, such as pottery fragments, stone tools, and also piles of mollusk shells.