3 Light Workouts for Healthier Feet

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Feet is one of the important parts of the human body that mostly support our entire body and is the crucial element in our daily mobility. In order to maintain healthy feet, it is suggested to routinely consume fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammation. But to support all those mentioned, you should exercise these three small workouts that lead to healthier feet. 


    This foot movement will strengthen and train your leg muscles for better balance. Start by standing straight followed by opening both your feet at the length of your waist. Make sure that your ankles, knees, and hip are aligned forward to protect your joints. Start tiptoeing while tightening your stomach muscle inwards and maintain the position for ten seconds, do it for 10 repetitions. 

    Swing a leg 

    The natural swinging movement flexes and strengthens your muscles which can also be useful as a warm-up session before hard exercises. Start by standing up straight, place both hands behind your head, contract your stomach muscles and bend your right knee and swing it right to left. Repeat the same movement 10 times.

    Move marbles with feet 

    This would be a fun way to kill time and exercise at the same time. Sit on a chair with an upright backrest. Place both of your feet firmly to the ground. Place 20 marbles and a bowl in front of your feet. Move the marbles one at a time to the bowl using your left and right foot one at a time.