Jokowi`s Work Performance and Electability Imbalanced: Pollster

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    Indonesia's President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo delivers his state of the nation address ahead of the country's Independence Day at the parliament building in Jakarta, Aug. 16, 2018. Jokowi urged his country to embrace its founding spirit of tolerance in an annual national address just days after choosing a divisive cleric as his running mate in elections next year. AP

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Pollster Y-Publica recorded that the public’s satisfaction increased towards the performance of the administration led by Joko “Jokowi” Widodo and Jusuf Kalla, however the same can’t be said for Jokowi’s electability as a presidential candidate.

    Y-Publica Executive Director Rudi Hartono kept track of the public satisfaction in May (72.5 percent) had improved to 78.2 percent in August with the projects most appreciated being the government’s infrastructure development with 78.2 percent, corruption eradication (74.5 percent), foreign affairs (74.2 percent), law enforcement (73.1 percent), and education (72.6 percent).

    However, Jokowi’s electability remained in the 50 percent range, a stark contrast to the public response for his work. “Jokowi’s electability never touched 60 percent,” said Rudi yesterday.

    Rudi further reminded that President Jokowi must take notice of this phenomenon and suggested the incumbent candidate to focus on how to deliver his performance since the beginning, especially in economic issues.

    He revealed that 50.4 respondents said that Indonesia’s economic condition now is still the same five years ago, prior to Jokowi’s administration. As much as 16.7 percent respondents thought that the current economic situation has worsened.

    Jokowi’s administration, said Rudi, must place more attention to other issues such as healthcare issues that scored 70.7 percent public trust on May but on August dropped to 50.7 percent. The same happened at the human rights issues that scored 47.9 percent.