9 Tips to Counter Hoax News in WhatsApp Group

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  • Whatsapp logo in this illustration. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

    Whatsapp logo in this illustration. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - WhatsApp continues to make efforts to counter fake news (hoax). This time, they give nine tips to eradicate the fake news that can be done by users, as reported by The Indian Express, 10 July. The tip for fighting the fake news is a campaign made by WhatsApp in India.

    Previously, WhatsApp was protested by the Indian government because it was considered to allow the spreading of fake news that led to violence and killing in India, as reported by the Times of India, July 4. Here are the tips:

    1. Double-check the Author

    Double-check the facts when you are not sure who wrote the original message.

    2. Ask Yourself First before Sharing

    If you read something that makes you angry or scared, please question whether it is shared to make you feel that way. And if the answer is yes, think twice before sharing it again.

    3. Search for Message Contents that Look Different

    Many messages contain hoax or fake news have spelling errors. Look for these signs so you can check if the information is accurate.

    4. Check Photos in the Message Carefully

    It is easier to trust photos and videos, but it can be edited first to mislead you. Sometimes the photo is real, but the accompanying story may not. So, search on the internet to see where the photo came from.

    5. Check Links

    It may look like a link to a well-known website, but if there are spelling errors or unusual characters, it could be a sign that something is wrong.

    6. Use Other Resources

    Look at other news websites or apps to see if the news is also reported elsewhere. When a story is reported in many places, it is likely that the story is right.

    7. Be Wise About What You Share

    If you are unsure of the source or are concerned that the information may be incorrect, think twice before sharing.

    8. You Can Control What You See

    In WhatsApp, you can block any number or leave any group you want. Use this feature to keep control of your WhatsApp usage experience.

    9. Hoax News Often Becomes Viral

    Do not be too concerned about how many times your message received. Just because the message is shared many times, does not make it right.