Gerindra`s Deputy of General Secretary Quits Because of Fadli Zon

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  • House Deputy Speaker Fadli Zon. TEMPO/Vindry Florentin

    House Deputy Speaker Fadli Zon. TEMPO/Vindry Florentin

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Deputy of General Secretary of the Central Executive Board (Wasekjen DPP) Gerindra Party Mohammad Nuruzzaman said he quit from the Gerindra Party.

    The reason, one of them is because of the statement of Deputy Chairman of Gerindra Party Fadli Zon, which he considered insulting the members of the Presidential Advisory Council, Yahya Cholil Staquf.

    Fadli Zon insinuated Yahya Cholil's activities to Israel to deliver a public lecture at an event organized by The Israel Council on Foreign Relations, as a shameful act for the Indonesian nation.

    “Visiting Israel only for talking like that. This is a shame for the Indonesian people. There is no sensitivity for the Palestinian struggle. #2019GantiPresident” tweeted Fadli Zon from his twitter account @fadlizon.

    “My anger culminated in Fadli Zon's insult to my kiai (religious role), KH Yahya Cholil Staquf over an event in Israel that was enlivened and diverted into a political issue over the president's successor issue.

    For santri (students of Islamic boarding school), the insult to kiai is about self-respect and dignity,” said Nurruzaman when contacted by Tempo on Tuesday evening, June 12.

    Another reason for the resignation of Nurruzaman from Gerindra, he said, because of the Gerindra Party is not in line with his way of struggle.

    "Gerindra turns into a vehicle of interest that is no longer characterized by concern and courage, but it has turned into a fragile machine that only pursues the interest," said Nurruzaman.

    Nurruzaman explained, his resignation has not been officially submitted to the party. However, he has been firmly declared quit from the Gerindra Party.

    "After the Eid Day, I will convey to the party," said Nurruzaman who is currently in Cirebon.

    On that basis, Nuruzzaman said, he quit from Gerindra and declared that he would fight against the party and the party elites. Meanwhile, he said he has not taken steps to migrate to another party or not become a cadre of political parties again.

    "I'm still considering," Nueuzzaman said.

    Gerindra Party General Deputy Chairman Sufmi Dasco Ahmad said he had never heard of Nurruzaman's resignation directly. The official resignation to the party, said Dasco, has not been done.

    "I just heard the news of his resignation from social media, recently," said Dasco when confirmed.

    Meanwhile, regarding the allegations and reasons for the resignation revealed by Nurruzaman, Dasco did not respond.