5 Smartphone Applications to Help you Get Sleep Tight

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Many smartphone applications often make you hard to sleep due to its bright light screen and notifications. Sleeping is an important thing for human beings that is often considered trivial. The duration and quality of sleep greatly determine the body's performance on the next day.

    However, not all applications are the enemies. Here are some applications that can help improve the sleep quality:

    1. Blue Light Filter

    The blue light that emanated from the cell phone is often the cause of the difficulty to sleep. The blue light filter could anticipate it. The application has several filter options that can be tailored to the needs such as Night Shift, Candlelight, Dawn, and Incandescent Lamp. In addition to reducing the blue light effect, this filter could also save the power consumption.

    2. Sleep Time

    The application Sleep Time is an alarm that can recommend the best sleep and wake time for those who have trouble with sleep patterns. Many choices of natural sound also help provide relaxation.

    This app also has a Sleep Lab technology that will record the sleep patterns and provide a detailed analysis of their sleep cycle, including its effects on health. The alarm volume could increase gradually so the user will not wake up in shock.

    3. Pillow

    Similar to Sleep Time, Pillow can navigate and analyze sleep pattern of its users which is developed based on the latest research on the matter. Its algorithm uses motion and sound patterns to describe the user's sleep sessions. Pillow will also provide comprehensive diagrams and statistics on the user's sleep stage.

    The applications that could be used by iOs users can be connected with the Apple Health app to analyze the sleep patterns better as it has a complete user health background. Pillow uses health metrics such as weight, blood pressure, calories, and alcohol consumption habits and caffeine of the users and relates it to their sleep patterns.

    4. Sleepo

    The light is an important thing that affects the quality of one's sleep. Some sounds are said to help a person sleep more soundly such as the sound of rain or nature. Sleep provides a sound soundtrack that can be customized, for example, combining the sound of pouring rain, the wind, and animal sounds like crickets or toads. Its duration can also be set as needed. Sleepo can still be used in offline mode so it will not be disturbed signals and notifications.

    5. Digipill

    As the name implies, this application is a digital pill to alleviate the complaints experienced by its users. However, instead of being made of various chemicals, Digipill has a diverse composition of different types of sounds. Users can choose pills as per their needs like Sleep Deeply to get a deeper sleep, Peace of Mind for a soothing atmosphere, and Power Nap for short sleep.

    Each pill has a treatment time of about 30 minutes. In addition to using available pills, users can also purchase other pills in Pharmacy or subscribe for unlimited access to various "recipes".