Rabu, 19 Desember 2018

Return of Digital Drugs, I-Doser

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The digital drugs, I-Doser, is currently trending on social media. The issue has actually appeared in October 2015, but now it becomes the talk of the town again.

    The National Narcotics Agency (BNN) stated that I-Doser is actually a technology-based audio application. In October 2015, Tempo once interviewed BNN spokesman, Comr. Slamet Pribadi. “I-Doser actually is a binaural content with duration of 30-40 minutes," he said.

    Binaural is a technology to stimulate the brain and change one’s psychological state. "Exactly like drugs," he said.

    The sound itself can indeed affect humans emotionally. According to Slamet, someone who hears a song can feel calm or even become anxious, depending on the type of music. “This is because the sound waves stimulate the nerve cells and deliver it to the brain,” he said.

    However, BNN did not specify the application as a drug because I-Doser is not included in the narcotics category.

    “The law is already regulated; Law No. 35 of 2009. [The law states that] narcotics are substances or drugs produced from plants or not plants which can cause dependence,” said Slamet.

    Although the I-Doser is claimed to give a sensation like drugs do to the listener, but it is not a drug.

    “Before the release, we call doctors and experts to test whether it is drugs or not and the result is there is no change in brain patterns after using this app, so this is not a drug,” he said.