Bogor`s Sleeping Buddha Attracts Many Tourists

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  • The Sleeping Buddha statue at 8 Posat Vihara, Bogor. TEMPO

    The Sleeping Buddha statue at 8 Posat Vihara, Bogor. TEMPO

    TEMPO.CO, Bogor - We don’t have to go across the country border to see a Sleeping Buddha in Thailand because now there is one we can visit in Tonjong Village, Tajur Halang Subdistrict, Bogor Regency, West Java. The statue is located at Buddha Dharma Vihara not far from Billabong Housing.

    Small, red sign boards saying “Ruppang Sleeping Buddha” with arrows are installed at several points to give tourists direction to the location. The Vihara occupies a 3,500-square-meter land and consists of several buildings.

    The sleeping Buddha statue is located at an open-hall-like building with paintings of paddy field, green hills and Sala trees. On the left and right side of the statue, there are glass cabinets displaying around 1,300 gold Buddha miniatures.

    “Those statues are symbol of donation from the visitors. The visitor who donate Rp1 million will get the statue which will be displayed and prayed for” said Andrea Halim, one of the managers of Buddha Dharma Vihara and 8 Posat Vihara, on Tuesday, December 15.

    The Sleeping Buddha Statue was built in 2011 and being inaugurated a year later by Djoko Wuryanto as Director General of Buddha Community Guidance Buddha Statue Department. An 18 metre long and 3,75-meter high statue is made from natural stone which was casted and carved.

    The Buddha wears golden robe. On his neck there is a necklace consisting of 108 jades. A blood-red swastika which means peace, also printed on his chest.

    Other Sleeping Buddha statues can be found in Trowulan Mojokerto, East Java and Tabanan, Bali. Andrean said “ This is the only Sleeping Buddha Statue in West Java”.

    The statue boosts number of visits to the vihara which opens daily from 07:00 to 22:00 local time. Not only Buddhist, but people from various religion can visit the Vihara and take a picture with the giant statue free of charge.