Anies Baswedan Sets Jakarta`s Minimum Wage at Rp3.94mn

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  • Governor of Jakarta, Anies Baswedan. Tempo/Amston Probel

    Governor of Jakarta, Anies Baswedan. Tempo/Amston Probel

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The 2019 provincial minimum wage for Jakarta had been decided by Governor Anies Baswedan. The new minimum wage is set at a little over Rp3.94 million, determined based on Government Regulation No.78/2015 which regulates an increase of 8.03 percent.

    "We have gone back and forth and taken everything into account before making the decision. This is an appropriate amount," Jakarta's Regional Secretary Saefullah said when announcing new wage at the City Hall, Thursday, November 1.

    The Jakarta's Manpower and Transmigration Office had said that the minimum wage would be announced by Anies Baswedan. But the governor is still in Buenos Aires to attend the Urban 20 Mayors Summit (U20).

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    The new minimum wage 2019 is smaller than what was requested by workers and is greater than what was proposed by employers. Workers wanted the minimum wage increased to Rp3.4 million while businesses wanted it raised to just Rp3.83 million.

    To overcome the gap between the wage that workers demanded and the actual wage approved, the Jakarta administration provides three subsidies to ensure that the capital's labor workers can meet their monthly needs, and have some left for savings or even investing.

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    The subsidies for transportation—in the form of free Transjakarta rides, food subsidies amounting to Rp196,000 per month, and education subsidies for children of the laborers.  

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