VR Games Commonly Used in Indonesia Recreation Sites: Observer

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  • Virtual Reality headset. AP Photo

    Virtual Reality headset. AP Photo

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The trend of artificial recreation by using virtual reality (VR) tech in Indonesia is developing over the years. Many recreation spots attract visitors by using VR games technology.

    "It’s no longer in urban areas only," said President Director of PT Funworld Prima Rachmat Sutiono, on Wednesday, July 25.

    Many amusement sites were now also located in unexpected places, such as mini markets, providing various games.

    In Indonesia, artificial recreation were developed in certain characters. The Indonesia Family Recreation Association (Arki) head Taufik Wumu said that there were at least four characters of these artificial recreation currently developing in Indonesia.

    1. Game Transactions

    During the opening of Fun Asia exhibition at Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran, Wednesday, July 25, Taufik said the transactions commonly used either cards or coins. The card usage was started to famous these days as it was more efficient than using the coin. “Most [entertainment place] offers cards now. The coin is such an old-school thing now," he said.

    2. Dominated by middle-class game

    Recreation spots were usually for the middle-class community. Many games favored gestures such as dancing. "That's what young people prefer," he said.

    Seorang pengunjung menggunakan kaca mata VR saat memainkan permainan dalam acara Paris Games Week di Paris, Prancis, 26 Oktobe 2016. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

    3. Start developing VR Games

    VR technology or virtual reality games start to become public limelight. VR player can experience being in a three-dimensional environment and interact with it during a game.

    4. Many games are adopted from China

    Almost Indonesian rides were adopted and imported from China. "China controls more than half of the country's vehicle market, even two-thirds of that," said Taufik.

    Other than China, the rides were widely imported from Taiwan and Korea. While the large and massive games such as roller coaster were from European production.