Bolivia Expels USAID

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  • Evo Morales, President of Bolivia. AP/Juan Karita.

    Evo Morales, President of Bolivia. AP/Juan Karita.

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta-Bolivia President Evo Morales expelled United States Agency for International Development (USAID) from his country, pointing out that the Agency has harmed his left wing government. Morales accused USAID of being politically involved in peasant unions and other social organizations.

    The expulsion was announced to laborers who gathered in front of the Presidential Palace for May Day.

    "There will never be USAID anymore, who manipulate and use our leaders and our colleagues," said Morales.

    He then ordered Bolivia’s Foreign Minister, David Choquehuanca, to deliver his decision to the US embassy. The expulsion marks the latest confrontation between the United States and a left-wing governments in the Western Hemisphere.

    Morales’ antipathy to USAID was triggered by a statement conveyed by US Secretary of State, John Kerry, on April 17, who said that “the Western Hemisphere is the US’ backyard”.

    The US government "deeply regrets" Bolivia's decision, claiming that the expulsion would harm the Bolivian citizens.

    "Those who will be most hurt by the Bolivian government's decision are the Bolivian citizens who have benefited from our collaborative work," said US State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell.