20 Percent Indonesians Not Wearing Face Masks, Health Ministry Says



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe Indonesian Health Ministry’s director of health promotion and public empowerment, Riskiyana Sukandhi Putra, revealed on Thursday that 20 percent of Indonesians still do not abide by the government’s face mask requirement though fortunately, 80 percent abide by the face mask health protocols

    According to Riski, 20 percent of the population carries the potential to further spread the coronavirus as he says the COVID-19 infection rate mainly comes from people-to-people contact within the same community and those with high mobility.

    Riskiyana Sukandhi Putra asserts that the health ministry continues to remind people of the correct application of wearing a face mask and how to properly dispose of it.

    He says the government will continue to campaign the use of face masks and physical distancing measure until people treat it as a habit. 

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