Surgeon Says Circumcision Safe to be Done amid COVID-19



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - RSUI pediatric surgeon, Dr. Tri Hening Rahayatri said that circumcision, known locally as 'sunat', can be commenced under the COVID-19 restrictions of the transitional large-scale social restriction (PSBB). However, the surgeon said it must be done in major facilities that are supported by sufficient health workers, standardized equipment, and enacts the proper health protocols. 

    “Hospitals, clinics, or dedicated circumcision facilities must assure its safety levels for patients and the healthcare practitioners,” said Tri Hening, who is also a teaching staff of the University of Indonesia’s surgery department. 

    “Circumcisions are safe to be done as long as it is done by experienced health workers and at health facilities with high standards in terms of COVID-19 prevention,” said the surgeon. 

    However, she noted that patients would need to undergo a series of health screenings, rapid test, or swab tests before applying for surgery. The surgeon also noted that other circumcision procedures must follow the existing SOPs, the patient’s readiness to undergo the process, and the time needed prior to the surgery.