Gus Mus Troubled by Pramuka Mentor's Anti-diversity Scout Yell



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaNahdlatul Ulama (NU) religious figure, Mustofa Bisri, who’s known as Gus Mus, said he is troubled by the fact that a Yogyakarta Pramuka (Scout) mentor shouted out anti-diversity yells in guiding younger scouts. 

    Gus Mus refers to the yell “Islam yes, kafir no” shouted by the mentor; “How can a pramuka mentor teach yells like this,” said Gus Mus in a national dialogue held at the Indonesian Islamic University (UII) Yogyakarta, on Tuesday, January 14. 

    Not only is it hurtful, he views the yells are demeaning to the spirit of diversity and violates Islamic teaching. 

    The incident Gus refers to happened on Friday, January 10, 2020, at the Timuran primary school in Yogyakarta during a pramuka session. The mentor later apologized for his yells after a protest from one of the students’ parents who were present at the scout training program. 

    The discriminative “Islam yes, kafir no” pramuka yell has gone viral throughout family Whatsapp groups and numerous social media platforms. Gus Mus reminded that people with faith have been able to understand that Islam teaches people to respect diversity. 

    Yogyakarta Governor Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X also gave his opinion and expressed his deepest regrets that it happened in a pramuka community.