House Deputy Deems PLN Employee Pay Cut Unfair



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - House of Representatives (DPR) deputy speaker Fadli Zon deems it unfair for the state-owned electricity firm PLN to commence massive employee pay cut following the power outage in parts of the Java Island on Sunday.

    Fadli argues that the firm should focus more on finding out the elements that are most responsible for the electricity crisis, rather than performing the pay cut to compensate the public.

    “I think that it would not be fair. They really need to look for who is most responsible,” said Fadli in the Parliamentary Complex in Jakarta, Wednesday, August 7.

    He firmly reminded the firm to compensate the public professionally and refer to existing rules and to avert from making decisions that would victimize its employees.

    “How could the employees be the victims? There are existing regulations and Law overseeing public compensation. That regulation should be enacted or at least the board of directors should make some sort of discretion,” said the Gerindra Party politician.

    The Java power outage on Sunday forced the firm to compensate its 21.9 million customers that amount to roughly Rp839 billion. PLN director of the strategic procurement 2, Djoko Rahardjo Abumanan, announced yesterday that the company will likely cut the salary of its employees.