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Sunday, 31 August 2014 | 11:14
Trimming the Cabinet President-elect Joko Widodo must be serious in his preparation
to trim the cabinet.
Sunday, 31 August 2014 | 10:58
Democrat: Fuel Scarcity Triggered by Price Hike Discourse The recent shortage of subsidized fuel stocks at refilling
stations in many regions was because of open price hike
discussions conducted by Jokowi.
Braga Weekend Market This Saturday
Thursday, 09 May, 2013 | 00:21 WIB
Braga Weekend Market This Saturday

TEMPO.CO, Bandung - The Braga Weekend Market, a monthly event in Bandung, will be held for the second time along Braga street in Bandung on Saturday, May 11. The theme of the event will be 'Braga in Love'.

The street will be decorated in a minimalist romantic theme in the hopes of making the customers, either couples, groups, or even families, feel more comfortable during the occasion. 

Customers will be able to enjoy traditional Sundanese performances, bands, and performances from other creative communities in Bandung. 

Aside from performances, the committee has also prepared 70 tenants consisting of 20 Braga community empowerment tenants and 50 culinary, crafts, souvenirs, and creative industry tenants.  RISANTI