3 Ways to Prevent IoT Gadgets from Malware Attacks

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    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Kaspersky Lab found that there are 120,000 internet of things (IoT) gadgets that have been attacked by malwares in the first part of 2018, which is three times larger compared to the number of malwares that attacked IoT gadgets in 2017.

    Kaspersky Lab also warned that the growth is a dangerous trend that continues for a long period of time. As of 2017, a number of modified malwares on smart gadgets increased 10-fold compared to 2016.

    Here are three ways you can reduce your risk of being attacked by an IoT malware:

    -Install Updates

    Always install the updates meant for your firmware sooner than later since vulnerabilities in a IoT gadget can be fixed through its updated patch.

    -Routine Password Changes

    Always change your password from the original factory-installed ones. Always use an advanced composition of letters, numbers, or symbols.

    -Reset the Gadget

    Reset your gadget after it shows unusual signs of activity. This simple step can help erase any existing malwares but does not reduce the risk of exposure to another malware infection.