Manggarai Station to be Designated as the Biggest Transit Station

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - President Director of state-owned railway operator PT KAI Commuter Jabodetabek M. Fadhil said Manggarai train station in Central Jakarta is now being built to become the biggest transit station in Indonesia.

    According to Fadhil, it is planned that the station will be built in three floors and said that the construction is expected to be finished in three years.

    Fadhli went on to say that currently there are still queues of electric trains departing and leaving the station and operation modification has not been able to reduce the queues maximally. He also said that the queues would be reduced once the project is finished.

    "We even expect the queues won’t be eliminated completely,” he added.

    Regarding improvement of other services and facilities, Fadhil said that PT. KCJ would increase the number of trains, including by adding coaches and extending platforms in every station.

    PT KCJ will also the number of vending machine for electronic tickets, he added.

    "Until the end of the year, vending machines will be increased into 150 units placed in several strategic stations,” Fadhil concluded.