Putin Urges Dutch Government to Apologize

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  • Russia's President Vladimir Putin. ANTARA/M Agung Rajasa

    Russia's President Vladimir Putin. ANTARA/M Agung Rajasa

    TEMPO.CO, Nusa Dua – Russian President Vladimir Putin demanded the Dutch government to apologize following the arrest of a Russian diplomat. Dmitry Borodin, the arrested diplomat, was beaten in front of his kids by an armed man, after being accused of domestic violence. The accusation was proven fake recently.

    Speaking in the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) CEO Summit in Bali, President Putin stated that violent action conducted by Dutch security officer was improper. Putin later referred to the Vienna Convention, saying that such violent act is in contradiction with the Convention.

    Russia argued that the Netherland have violated the rights of diplomatic immunity stipulated under Vienna Convention 1961. Provisions on diplomatic immunity states that diplomatic representative may not be persecuted under both penal and civil law.