The JAFF 17 Film Festival, a Meeting Point for Indonesian and Asian Filmmakers



1 December 2022 10:01 WIB

TEMPO.CO, JakartaJogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival (JAFF) 17 'Blossom' has entered its fourth day on November 30, 2022. After being monitored for several days, in Empire XXI, Yogyakarta is lined with queues at each studio. On the fourth day, there were about 7,000 visitors to see various films and meet with influential figures within the film industry.

As in previous years, JAFF has always been a meeting point for filmmakers and actors/actresses with their audience. The special programs of JAFF17 have become learning and discussion venues for those interested in the film industry professions.

The Special Program held at the Plantation Education Institute (LPP) building is always greeted with enthusiasm by visiting audiences. Evidenced by the high number of participants who attended each Special Program that was already underway. And in the remaining four days, various other interesting and educational programs can still be attended which will present speakers from the film industry.

These programs include Public Lecture on Reflecting Asian Cinema: Recognition or Visibility?, Discussion Forum on Repositioning Jogja, Master Class in Character Development in Directing with Ho Yuhang, Talks on Ask the Cinematographers with Indonesian Cinematographers Society, and Dare to be A Webtoonist! by Kwikku.

Apart from the Special Program, JAFF17 was also filled with discussions with filmmakers and actors/actresses after the screening. The film Autobiography by Makbul Mubarak received an extraordinary response from the audience of JAFF17 and a full house just 15 minutes after the ticket sales opened.

An additional screening of the film is planned to be held on Saturday, December 3 2022 at 14:45 WIB, with tickets that can only be purchased directly at Empire XXI, Yogyakarta. The screening will be attended by the director itself along with producer Yulia Evina Bhara, and actors/actresses represented by Kevin Ardilova and Yusuf Mahardika.

Another film name Keramat 2 was attended by senior producer Chand Parwez Servia along with the film actor Keanu Agl. Dian Sastrowardoyo was also present representing the film she is making. The short film titled Dini Hari which she directed was included in the Asian Perspectives – Short program. Not just only filmmakers from Indonesia, the film festival also presents other filmmakers from around Asia to discuss and conduct a question-and-answer session.

The discussion and Q&A session on the film that screened at JAFF17 will continue. A list of movies with Q&A sessions after screening includes Before, Now & Then (Nana) (Kamila Andini), Mencuri Raden Saleh (Angga Dwimas Sasongko), Come Back Anytime (John Daschbach), Jiseok (Kim Young-jo), and many more.

The film festival will not only be a meeting point between filmmakers and audiences, but also a place to meet people with the same interest in films and a birthplace for potential filmmakers.

"As the founder of JAFF, I want to say that the joy of Indonesian films this year is the great works of young Indonesian directors. One of them is Makbul Mubarak with his film, Autobiography, a film that represents our facade and politics," said Garin Nugroho in his speech before the screening of the film, Autobiography.

Additional information on JAFF17, the program schedule, and tickets can be found on the official social media account @jaffjogja and the official website, Tickets can be purchased through the official sites and TIX.ID.


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