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Maritime Affairs Ministry Releases 3,000 Clownfish Seeds During Sail Tidore 2022



27 November 2022 21:31 WIB

Officials from the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) Ministry releasing clownfish seeds into Tidore waters in North Maluku province during Sail Tidore 2022. (ANTARA/HO-KKP Ministry/uyu)

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Directorate General of Aquaculture of the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) Ministry has released 3,000 clownfish seeds into Tidore waters, North Maluku province, to support Sail Tidore 2022.

Also known as fish stocking, the activity was an example of the implementation of blue economy to realize the sustainable utilization of marine and fishery resources, director general of aquaculture, Tb Haeru Rahayu, said in a statement released on Saturday.

The release of the fish seeds was aimed at preventing the extinction of the species in Indonesian waters, he added.

"Clownfish is a commodity which is in great demand by ornamental fish enthusiasts. Hence, to maintain its sustainability, it is necessary to be protected, one of which is by stocking it," the director general explained.

He said that the clownfish seeds were obtained from one of the directorate general’s technical implementation units (UPT), namely the Ambon Marine Aquaculture Fisheries Center (BPBL), which has succeeded in cultivating 50 variants of clownfish.

The clownfish seeds were chosen to be released into the Tidore waters since they are among the habitats of the reef fish.

"The stocking activity has been routinely carried out by the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry in various public waters throughout Indonesia,” Rahayu said.

The activity aimed to maintain Indonesia’s aquatic ecosystems, preserve the health of the aquatic environment, as well manage the sustainability of the fishery sector, he added.

Currently, the ministry’s UPTs have successfully mastered the cultivation of various commodities, including various types of fish native to Indonesia as well as marine ornamental fish with high economic value.

"The success of this mass fish farming is an important breakthrough to preserve fishery resources in Indonesia. We always keep preserving the sea, thus it remains healthy, while maintaining the balance of ecological, economic, and social aspects," the director general added.

Sail Tidore 2022 is being implemented from November 24–29, 2022.


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