Top 15 Indonesian Musicians on Spotify in 2021



Markus Wisnu Murti

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  • Spotify illustration. ANTARA/Arindra Meodia

    Spotify illustration. ANTARA/Arindra Meodia

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Popular Swedish audio streaming and media services provider Spotify has  released its wrapped list of the top artists, songs, and albums for 2021. So, who are the Indonesian musicians with the most plays this year?

    Citing the "Top Indonesian Artist of 2021" on the Spotify page, there are around 30 Indonesian musicians with the most played music this year. Here are 15 of them:

    1. Pamungkas - I Love You but I'm Letting Go
    2. Tulus - Adaptasi (adaptation)
    3. Nadin Amizah - Sebuah Tarian yang Tak Kunjung Selesai (Unending Dance)
    4. Rizky Febian - Seperti Kisah (Like A Story)
    5. Ardhito Pramono - Sudah (Story of Kale)
    6. Sheila On 7 - Sephia 
    7. Fiersa Besari - Pelukku untuk Pelukmu (My Hug for Yours )
    8. NIKI - Every Summertime
    9. Hindia - Secukupnya (Enough)
    10. GANGGA - Whiskey Bottle
    11. Raisa - Kutukan (Cinta Pertama) (Curse | First Love)
    12. Glenn Fredly - Sedih Tak Berujung (Endless Sorrow) 
    13. Yura Yunita - Tutur Batin (Inner Speech)
    14. Juicy Luicy - Mawar Jingga (Orange Rose)
    15. Happy Asmara - Kebal Kelaran 

    Interesting aspects on the list is the long-time band Sheila On 7 breaking into the list with its classic hit Sephia, originally released in the early 2000s. Another artist is Happy Asmara, who is the only one with Javanese music on the top 15 of the wrapped list. 

    Spotify also released other categories such as Top Artist of 2021 Indonesia, Top Tracks of 2021 Indonesia, Top Male Artist of 2021 Indonesia, Top Female Artist of 2021 Indonesia, and Top Groups of 2021 Indonesia.

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