Traffic Police to Use Vehicle Stickers as Tax Proof



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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Indonesian Traffic Police will require vehicles to be affixed with hologram stickers as proof that the owners have paid their vehicle taxes. The program is part of the traffic police's road tax digitalization.  

    The sticker program was initiated in collaboration with the Home Affairs Ministry on October 18. In addition to supporting the tax compliance movement, the program is also expected to encourage the digital transformation of motor vehicle tax payments.

    The Indonesian Traffic Police chief, Insp. Gen. Istiono, said that the hologram stickers would help field officers in identifying if a vehicle's taxes have been paid or not. reported that the stickers will have QR Codes and RFID instruments, to help police officers give tickets digitally. The stickers will also make it easier for the police to detect duplicate plate numbers. Each year, the road tax stickers' colors would change.    

    Vehicle owners will obtain the stickers after paying their taxes online or offline. When paying offline, they will immediately be given the stickers by DMV officers. If they pay the taxes online, they can print the road tax stickers by scanning the verification code with the QR Scanner at public printing houses.

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