Lake Toba's Taman Eden 100 Offers Educational Tourism



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe natural beauty in Lake Toba always attracts tourists, both domestic and international. One of the destinations that are hard to miss in the area is Taman Eden 100 which is located in Sionggung Utara Village, Lumban Julu District.

    The forest park offers educational tourism with various activities such as camping, hiking, and fauna and flora discovery.

    The founder Marandus Sirait said that the park was named so because, during the establishment, his side planted 100 types of plants. “Visitors committed to preserving nature can also plant a tree. We provide the seeds and the signboard,” he said on Thursday, February 25.

    Tourists can visit serene waterfalls on different levels inside the park. There is also a waterfall right at the mouth of a cave. To witness the breathtaking scenery of Lake Toba and Samosir Island, tourists can hike to Manja Hill.

    Those who prefer adventure tourism can go hiking to Mount Pangulubao that stands 2,150 meters above sea level. Various challenges in the mountain are popular among jungle adventurers and mountain climbers. 

    In the location, there are also various types of typical plants, such as Nepenthes, Batak flowers (Macodes Petola), Soripada flowers (Malakis), and other types of rare orchids.

    Toba Culture and Tourism Agency, Agus Karo-Karo, said his side highly appreciates the innovation by Marandus Sirait as it has an impact on regional progress and tourism development in the region.

    “Taman Eden 100 offers many tourism, and of course it will really spoil visitors, especially those who like adventure tourism,” said Agus.

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