Schools Reopening; Pediatric Society Asserts Online Learning Is Safer



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe Indonesian Pediatric Society (IDAI) assessed that the online learning system, or locally known PJJ, is still safer than face-to-face learning. IDAI made the stance in consideration of the WHO guidelines, scientific publications, mass media publications, and Covid-19 data in Indonesia.

    “So IDAI deems that PJJ is safer,” said IDAI chairman Aman B. Pulungan in a written statement on Wednesday, Dec. 2.

    However, IDAI issued recommendations if schools and parents agree to start face-to-face learning. One of them is that schools must meet the standard health protocol set by the Health Agency and the medical professional organizations.

    Additionally, there should be a control system on the implementation of the health protocol and SOPs if there is a student, teacher, or school staffer falling sick and tested Covid-19 positive.

    IDAI also appealed to parents and adult family members to start introducing the health protocol of 3M, viz. maintaining distance, wearing a face mask, and washing hands, and exercise discipline in living a clean and healthy lifestyle regardless of the place.

    “And make considerations, are the children able to implement 3M? Do they need parental assistance at school? Do they have comorbid conditions that can increase the risk of getting exposed [to the virus]? Are there elderly people living in the same house?” Aman said.

    IDAI also asked parents to prepare the transportation, food and drink supplies, and follow-up steps if they receive news from the school that their child gets sick.

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