Weak Showing Predicted on Stocks



3 September 2008 09:28 WIB

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta

Loss on global stock index and plummeting oil price should make investors be cautious with their decisions on mining and plantations shares as those sectors were the most affected by the global index and oil price. Banking and infrastructure shares were predicted to be the most sought by investors.

Haryajid Ramelan from Capita Securindo predicted that “the index movers woud still be dominated by the mining sector, and oil price would affect plantations sector.” While banking and infrastructure could perform better.

Haryajid predicted some shares from the banking sector including BBCA, BDMN and BMRI and some from the infrastructure sector like TLKM and ISAT had the potential to gain. Haryajid predicted that the Indonesia Stock Exchange index would hover around 2.130 to 2.180.

Arif Arianto

More Losses Expected at IDX

16 September 2008

More Losses Expected at IDX

The Indonesia Stock Exchange Index was predicted to be crushed to around 1.680 1.770