Thousands Detained for Gatherings amid Social Restriction



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The National Police announced that it has acted upon three thousand people in East Java who violated the social restrictions amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by forming public gatherings. These people were not taken into custody but were required to sign an agreement to not repeat the offense. 

    “Due to their ignorance, we took them to the police station. 3,000 members of the public were required to sign an agreement to not re-offend,” said the Indonesian National Police (Polri) spokesman, Brigadier General Argo Yuwono on Monday.

    Police nationwide have started to act firmly against people that do not heed to the national protocol to cut the coronavirus chain of transmission. Prior to a temporary arrest, authorities would initially order people gathering in public spaces to disperse. 

    The types of public gatherings that authorities encourage not to conduct include general social gatherings such as religious gatherings, seminars, concerts, festivals, bazaars, night markets, exhibitions, up to wedding receptions. 

    Meanwhile in Jakarta, the Metro Jaya Police have conducted arrests on 18 people up to April 3, who were guilty of the same offense amid the coronavirus pandemic.