Coronavirus Emergency, Tanah Abang Market Postpones Reopening



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Tanah Abang Market management announced this morning that the market which is one of Southeast Asia’s busiest textile market will remain closed following the extension of the coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency period. 

    Perumda Pasar Jaya president-director Arief Nasrudin says that the Tanah Abang reopening scheduled to take place on April 6 has temporarily been extended to April 19. 

    “We have decided that the initial Tanah Abang Market reopening on April 6 will be temporarily postponed to April 19. The governor has also issued a strong warning for the market to remain closed,” said Arief in a written statement to Antaranews on Monday. 

    The temporary closure goes in line with the governor’s extended “work from home” policy and the Central Government’s “large-scale social restriction” in regards to cutting the coronavirus chain of transmissions. 

    The delayed reopening of the market affects the market’s Block A, B, and F sections until further notice. The only market section in the Tanah Abang Market district is Block G, under limited operational hours to fulfill the public’s need for staple foods. 

    “The tenants agreed to temporarily close their stores to comply with the COVID-19 emergency status,” said the Pasar Jaya president-director.