Coronavirus Threat; Analyst Says Sectoral Ego Exists in Indonesia



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe deputy head of the Eijkman Institute of Molecular Biology, Herawati Sudoyo, opined that sectoral ego existed in Indonesia on the anticipation of the coronavirus.

    The researcher said that not many research institutions and universities were involved in the efforts to detect the deadly virus. “Sectoral ego looms over Indonesia. Many universities can contribute to the detection measures, many research institutions can also be used if there is a pandemic,” said Herawati in Menteng, Central Jakarta, Sunday, March 1.

    Herawati recalled what happened in China, asserting that the first case of the virus was not reported by the Chinese Health Ministry, but instead a hospital that was affiliating with a university. Hence, she opined that Indonesia could adopt such a collaboration.

    According to her, there is no problem if a research institution did not have a function to detect a virus considering the government could instantly change the status. “I think we [the government] must be open-minded on how to let others help,” Herawati said.

    Many global institutions, she added, were helping each other and sharing data about their studies in light of the COVID-19 despite usually, they were competitive about their researches.

    The Ministry of Health’s research and development agency was detecting the coronavirus spread in the country. Previously, a total of 136 specimens from suspected virus patients were tested, which came back negative.