Saturday, 14 December 2019

Four Social Media Platforms Take Down Radical Accounts

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  • Minister of Communications and Informatics, Rudiantara. Tempo/Fakhri Hermansyah

    Minister of Communications and Informatics, Rudiantara. Tempo/Fakhri Hermansyah

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Communications and Informatics Minister Rudiantara said that four social media platforms, namely Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Telegram, have taken down numerous provocative accounts related to radicalism and terrorism.

    “Thousands of accounts have been confirmed to be either taken down or removed, some have yet to do that,” said Rudiantara at his office in Central Jakarta.

    The mass takedown is related to the multiple church bombings in Surabaya and other terrorist bombings that happened two days in a row that was conducted by a Jamaah Anshorut Daulah (JAD) terrorist cell.

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    According to the minister, thousands of accounts and contents were taken down from Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Telegram.

    YouTube detected that there are 250 contents on radicalism and terrorism, but the company has only managed to take down 40 percent of them. Meanwhile, there were around 60-70 identified dangerous accounts on Twitter.

    Rudiantara explained that the Ministry is currently working together with law enforcers to detect provocative contents throughout the social media realm, especially the ones that contain instructions on constructing explosives and links to terrorist networks.

    Lani Diana Wijaya