Epidemiologist Warns of New Covid-19 Cluster from Mass Protests



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Epidemiologist Tri Yunis Wahyono warned the government to be aware of a possible spike in COVID-19 cases caused by the string of rallies protesting the omnibus law on job creation in the capital city of Jakarta. 

    “It may not be visible now, but the increase in cases will eventually happen,” said Wahyno to Tempo on Tuesday, October 20. 

    The University of Indonesia’s head of the epidemiology department predicted that Jakarta’s infection rate could well reach 1,500 cases daily due to the series of mass protests and can give birth to a new COVID-19 cluster. 

    He based his prediction on the observation that most of the protesters had ignored health protocols during the rallies. “The protesters should have been required to wear masks and never take it off,” said Wahyono. 

    In the past few days, Jakarta’s COVID-19 daily cases averaged at 900, which is a slight improvement compared to one month earlier. However, he encouraged the government to anticipate the worst by preparing better isolation and quarantine measures. 

    “The more people are isolated the better infections will be prevented,” he said.

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