Mass Rapid Tests in Papua's Pasar Lama Sentani Show 122 Reactive



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Residents of Pasar Lama Sentani in Jayapura, Papua—122 of them—were revealed to be reactive to the rapid test for Covid-19. They are now waiting for the result of swab tests, to see if they are indeed infected by the novel coronavirus. 

    "I have called the doctor responsible for the swab exams of the 122 people from Pasar Lama. He said that everyone had taken the test, and are now waiting for the results," Jayapura's Health Secretary secretary Edward Manik Sihotang said on Friday, May 15

    He said that there is a long list of people waiting to get PCR tests after testing reactive for the rapid test kits. However, the Health Office ensured that they will prioritize people from the Pasar Lama district.

    Edward added that the PCR tests have to go through two stages to obtain certain results on whether the reactive cases are positive or negative for Covid-19.

    Pasar Lama Sentani has been declared as a red zone for Covid-19 spread in Jayapura. The area is under quarantine and the regency government has conducted rapid tests to more than 2,000 residents at the Pasar Lama Complex, in which 122 were confirmed to be reactive.