Rapid Covid-19 Test Kits from China Arrive in Indonesia



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The SOE Ministry said that the rapid Covid-19 test kits from China have arrived in Indonesia. They have not mentioned the exact amount of the test kits sent.

    "They arrived today, but we don't know exactly how many yet," The ministry's special staff, Arya Sinulingga said in a teleconference with the media, Tuesday, March 19.

    Arya said PT RNI (Persero) was given permission by the Health Ministry to import the rapid test kits. He declined to say how much money it took to buy the 500,000 test kits.

    One thing he is certain of is that the kits will arrive in Indonesia in batches and they met WHO standards.

    Arya said RNI will distribute the kits to hospitals taking in coronavirus patients immediately. "The mechanism is B2B between hospitals," he said.

    Previously, Arya said the new test kits can provide results quickly for early detection, "in just 15 minutes to three hours," he said yesterday.

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